Dominique Maltais first discovered Chlorophylle when she was a young girl admiring her mother’s avant-garde spring coat!

Dominique Maltais olympic medalist

Dominique Maltais under the snow
When it comes to the love of snowboarding, there are few Canadian female athletes more passionate than Dominique Maltais. Hailing from Petite-Rivière-Saint-François in Quebec, Maltais is a double Olympic medalist in snowboard cross, and five-time holder of the Crystal Globe.

Dominique’s professional career began when she won the Canadian Championship two years in a row in 2003 and 2004. During her rookie year (2003), she ranked 5th in the Worlds with two podium finishes. In her second year (2004–05), she won the European Cup and came in 8th in the World Cup. During that event she had two podium finishes, including her first Gold. In the 2005 World Championships, Maltais finished 4th, letting her set her sights on an Olympic medal in Turin in 2006 – the first time Snowboard Cross would be contested at the Winter Olympics. Her Olympic highlights include winning Bronze at Turin in 2006, competing in Vancouver in 2010, and winning Silver at Sochi in 2014, where she lifted her medal and said “It's a good revenge for Vancouver. I wanted to prove to the world that I could do better than in Vancouver. I'm so so happy it's done and I made it and I finished on the podium."

A lifetime relationship with Chlorophylle
Dominique first discovered Chlorophylle when she was a young girl admiring her mother’s avant-garde spring coat! Fast forward to 2015, when she first became a Chlorophylle brand ambassador, and began incorporating the brand into her everyday life. “Chlorophylle has become something I wear on a daily basis, whether it’s in the snow or at the gym. It’s a local brand that has a strong connection to nature, and that really resonates with me.”

Multiple Talents
Not only does Maltais impress audiences when she hits the slopes, she can also save people from fires! In 2003 she fulfilled her goal of becoming a firefighter, and worked as a firefighter up to 2006. Her firefighting career took a backseat in 2006 so she could focus on winning Olympic medals in snowboard cross, but has the option to return to firefighting in the future. She can also serenade you by playing the piano, which she learned by ear. Presently, Maltais is working as a coach and mentoring young snowboarders as they work towards their own goals.



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