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Are the sizing specifications at Chlorophylle comparable to other companies?

Chlorophylle offers its own size chart. You can view it by clicking here.


Chlorophylle always been a Quebec company?

The owners and management have always been in Quebec, and for over 35 years now.


Why does one not find the entire collection of Chlorophylle clothing at independent retail stores in Quebec? 

Each independent retailer is free to buy the products they wish to sell. It is for this reason that retailers do not offer the entire collection. However, Chlorophylle now has its own store network. There are a total of 15 stores in Quebec and this number is set to increase in the coming years. In addition, you can also buy directly from our website.

Do alterations void my warranty?

The warranty covers the original manufacture of the product. Any alteration made by a person not affiliated and / or authorized will void the product warranty.


What is your warranty policy?

Chlorophylle guarantees it products with its own manufacturer’s warranty program. For more details, click here.


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