Explorer and filmmaker


Mario Cyr became a Chlorophylle ambassador in the late 1990’s, but first discovered it during an Arctic expedition in 1991.

Mario Cyr filmmaker

Mario Cyr viewing a shot Mario Cyr’s love of marine life started when he was a child growing up on the Îles-de- la-Madeleine, located in the middle of the Saint Lawrence river gulf. Since the age of 17, he has spent countless hours diving under Quebec’s cold waters – a passion that has turned into a serious career.

Renowned filmmaker
Cyr is a master-diver, and now one of the world’s leading specialists in ice diving, one of the most adventurous – and hazardous– scuba diving specialties. His passion and understanding of marine life have driven him to promote awareness of the animal world through film. Cyr has participated in over 150 cinematographic works for producers such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Disney Productions, Imax 3D, BBC, David Suzuki, CBC, Cousteau Company, France 2, Arte and NHK Japan. His films depict unaltered moments of marine life, and his early footage of walruses and polar bears in the Arctic have earned him the title of “pioneer”. His beautiful and educational film called “Ice Bear” was nominated for an Emmy award, and his works have won countless others including a Palme D’or and Cesar award.

A proud Chlorophylle advocate
Cyr became a Chlorophylle ambassador in the late 1990’s, but first discovered it during an arctic expedition in 1991. While searching for the right gear for the trip, he was put in touch with Chlorophylle founder Gilles Couète. With all the right equipment and Chlorophylle clothing in tow, his 5-week arctic voyage was a success, and the brand has been close to his heart ever since.

ngoing concern for nature
When he isn’t filming never-before-seen underwater images of polar bears and walruses, Cyr gives conferences where he speaks about the importance of preserving natural habitats. His colorful talks emphasize the importance of self-esteem and self-knowledge.



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