How to care for your garments properly



To prevent your garments from discolouring, add vinegar to the first load of dark colours for natural fibres or cotton/polyester blends.


To fight stubborn stains, wash in warm water with a mild soap and a sponge. If needed, soak for a few minutes. Start by dabbing or sponging the stain to eliminate the excess before treatment. Never rub the stain, because this could spread it or work it deeper into the fabric. Rubbing can also create scuffing on the fabric.


To reduce damage from washing, only wash garments when necessary. Excessive washing can wear the garments out more quickly, so wearing them several times before washing extends their lifespan. To reduce loose threads and damage from washing, make sure that garments are completely closed: close zips, hooks, buckles, buttons and snaps.


To reduce heat damage, hang your garments or lay them flat to dry. To avoid damage caused by heat and tumbling in the dryer, dry at the lowest recommended temperature.


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