Sarah Gauthier, Scuba Sarah on Instagram and Facebook, is a 26-year-old diver whose mission is to change the world and the way we perceive our environment. 

Sarah Gauthier

To help raise awareness about the oceans and their current state, Sarah decided to tour all 7 continents. She has already visited six of them and is now planning to leave for Antarctica in the near future!

She started diving a few years ago when she saw an advertising pamphlet at her university in Montreal. His mother was also a diver. Listening to the stories her mother had told her, she took the opportunity to obtain her PADI Open Water Diver certificate so that she could officially become her mother's diving buddy. Her first real diving trip was to Hawaii, but she first dived in Quebec. At first, scuba diving was just an exciting way for Sarah to explore the aquatic world. She then completed her IDC in Honduras and officially became an instructor.

Three years ago, while living in Indonesia, Sarah discovered a way to keep her family and friends informed about her diving expeditions. She was able to keep everyone informed with her blogs and Instragram, while keeping a way to remember all the details of her adventures. It is with her many travels that she has seen the impact of pollution on our reefs and oceans. Its mission was clear, it had to raise awareness about this scourge that is invading the aquatic world. She believes that the best way to solve environmental problems abroad is to set an example.

Through a positive approach, Sarah wants to prove that we can make a difference if we put our efforts into it and that we can take care of our planet togethe



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