Sizing chart

How to take measurements

Chest: Place arms at the side of the body, inhale and measure your chest.   Keep the tape parallel to the ground and take the measurement at the largest contour of the chest.

Sleeve length: Place your hand on your hip, elbow bent at 90 degrees.  Take the measurement from the middle of the back of the neck to the shoulder and down to the wrist.

Waist: Measure your waist at the narrowest part of the torso, from where you’re able to bend.  Keep the tape parallel to the ground, and add the length of 1 finger to the measurement.

Hips: Stand up straight, feet placed together, and measure around the hips at the thickest part, keep the tape parallel to the ground.

The Crotch: Measure pants that fit you well, from the crotch to the waist.  Be careful to do so with a pair of pants that has a standard crotch vs. a low rise pant. This measurement is rounded to the nearest centimeter.













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